BioTech Medics release Bird Ful virucidal products

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BioTech Medics release Bird Ful virucidal products

Postby vet » Sat Aug 12, 2006 3:33 pm

August 09, 2006 -- BioTech Medics, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BTMD) announced today that it has received preliminary test results from Retroscreen Virology, at the University of London, Queen Mary's School of Medicine, London. BioTech had contracted with Retroscreen to conduct an independent verifiable study to determine the efficacy of virucidal SHBAN Solution against Avian HSN1 Influenza NIBRG-14 Virus (also known as the Avian Bird Flu).

"We are pleased to report preliminarily the SHBAN Solution has clinically proven its anti-viral properties and has killed the Avian Influenza virus. We were confident prior to the testing that SHBAN would kill the virus," said Keith Houser, CEO of BioTech Medics. "SHBAN has previously been tested by various labs in the USA to be a safe, non-staining, odor-free germicidal cleaning solution. BioTech will be making application before the EPA to be listed as an approved disinfectant product intended for use against the avian influenza A viruses."

SHBAN is superior to most other disinfectants because SHBAN is 1) longer lasting, it does not evaporate within one minute after application (as compared to alcohol); 2) it is non-toxic (when used as directed) on humans and animals; 3) it is non-staining, non-bleaching; and 4) has no harmful or toxic odors. Most EPA-approved products in the USA cannot make these claims.

BioTech plans on offering SHBAN Products that will include: SHBAN LIQUID HAND SOAP & HAND SANITIZER additive (used to apply to hands daily for long-lasting protection). This is important to hospitals/medical staff, migrant workers picking produce, food and restaurant personnel, airlines staff/passengers, poultry farmers, plants and plant workers. SHBAN Fogger Mist Solution is designed to cover large areas such as cities and wild bird sanctuaries. It will be applied just like mosquito fogger repellants. SHBAN Mister Solution will be sold to sanitize poultry, poultry buildings and wildlife areas. The SHBAN spray will be sprayed directly onto poultry or wild birds to cover them with an invisible coating of SHBAN. Prior tests on bacteria have shown the SHBAN solution to be effective up to 14 days. SHBAN Disinfectant will be sold for general cleaning and sanitation purposes.

BioTech is in preliminary negotiations with Dr. H. Lu, at Penn State University - Veterinary Sciences Dept, to conduct live bird flu tests to prove the non-toxic and preventative theories of the SHBAN Solution.

SHBAN is protected under US Letters of Patent #4,868,213, #5,514,808, #5,574,050, #5,679,711 and #5,585,391 and several EU and other foreign patents. SHBAN is a trademark of BioTech Medics, Inc. SHBAN is NOT a hydrogen peroxide solution.

BioTech Medics welcomes government or world health officials' inquiries should they desire to independently test the SHBAN solution.

The SHBAN™ solution, in previous in vitro and in vivo testing has been evaluated for its antimicrobial properties against S. Aureus, S. Epidermidis, EC. Faecalis, E. Coli and Ps. Aeruginosa. Baylor Medical Center, Houston is a shareholder in the SHBAN Solution.
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