Read before posting


Read before posting

Postby vet » Thu Aug 21, 2008 12:31 am

Hello Everybody,

There are some netiquettes to be followed while posting on IVF:

1. Seek a natural username - an actual name not a number or random alphabets.
2. Post in context of the forum/topic.
3. Do not post offensive or abusive or defamatory or in any manner that violates any ethic/law. Reporting of such users will lead to their (and their post's) deletion.
4. Do not post links in your topics/replies. The board is so configured that links will not be rendered and will automatically remain hidden defeating the purpose they were put up for. If at all you need to provide links (e.g. to a web resource another site or picture) please upload the link as an attachment by pasting it in a text (link.txt) file. You may post the attachment inline for better visibility. Posting of any other type of file will not be allowed on these forums.
5. Do not post redundant or repetitive information. Such posts will be deleted or will not count if your aim is to win the CD material.
6. Given the volume of posting it is not possible to monitor each and every post, however, users are encouraged to report posts that violate any of the above stipulated conditions.

We hope that our dream of making IVF a treasure-house of vet knowledge is realised through you, its valued members.

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