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A Website for your dog and cat’s social Networking

PostPosted: Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:17 pm
by petwemet
A Website for your dog and cat’s social Networking

Shaz Info Media Pvt. Ltd. inviting you to come over a new social trend where your dog and cat is online and making friends. A website, where your dog is online and sharing pictures posting comments. The major motto behind the development of the was to give a dedicated channel to the pet lovers for communication. There is social networking website which is dedicated to any particular interest. Yours can join this website with their existing facebook account of can create a fresh new account. As of now the website is in the beta mode and we are continuing to launch new features and make new improvements. The company is focused on being the best and easiest way for users to meet new people, become aware of events and social information about pet and other issue about pets, and to stay in touch with those pet lovers, breeders, vets that they would want to know. Social users can log in to this websites and can invite their friends to get connected with everyone and to share the creative thoughts over the internet.
A social Networking website that can be used by the animal related charitable trusts for any cause. This can be a powerful tool for the NGOs to spread awareness about the animal welfare and the animal laws. This can also be used as a platform to reach the target audience to spread a social awareness campaign. websites allow the user to set their privacy settings at different levels. A user may leave the privacy settings at "public", which would allow anyone searching for your profile to find it and view all information on your profile. You may also set your privacy settings to private so that you can limit the number of people that view your profile to only those people you allow to do so — a person who is not your "friend" on the website would not be able to view this information after a general search.

Petwemet Team