Newborn kitten (9 days old)

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Newborn kitten (9 days old)

Postby miltigirl » Fri Dec 02, 2011 2:42 am

My newborn kitten Chuffy, stray orange tabby, whose mother abandoned the litter and left, is about 9 days old now. His eyes have opened and they are a dark blue. His ears are beginning to unfold. I worry that he is excessively skinny. I'm feeding him a small amount (5-10ml) five to six times a day of either curd-with-eggwhite, condensed milk with or without eggwhite, and diluted cows mlk with eggwhite (eggs boiled, vet's prescription). Sometimes I let him suckle on a drop of yolk in my hand. He is on 2 drops - Immolyte and multivitamins. He derives comfort from suckling my fingers and skin. Of course he gets plenty of water after every meal. The vet saw him today because he had not eliminated for 8 days (vet prepared an enema for him) and said he was active, vocal, responsive and more or less happy (purrs, chirps, grunts and chuffs a lot). He' showing regular milestones with regard to development. Yet sometimes I look at how tiny he is (107 gms) and how thin his neck is and get scared. I wish he would put on weight and be like the fat fluffy 10day old kittens I see pictures of. His head is also very big for his body and I fear hydrocephalus. The vet says he is fine and not to worry and to start him on egg and Lactogen and that with all the protein he will put on weight soon. Am I worried too much?
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