Skin rashes on my Doberman female dog

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Skin rashes on my Doberman female dog

Postby paisntsh » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:55 am

I am from Kannur,Kerala... I am attaching the photos of my dog which is now 5 years old ...The present skin infection started around 2 months back and IS STILL CONTINUING it was treated with Nizral 200 mg tablets for around 20 days...In the first instance tablets were given 100 mg a day for around 3 days and then for another 15 days 200 mg tablets twice daily were given. When the tablets were given the problem started subsiding and skin became normal.Also shampoo treatment with Micodin was given which also showed positive results...

Now when the medicines were stopped the problem started again.....

Team Kashvet please help me to cure my dog of the skin rashes..

Hope you will be able to understand the nature of the disease with the photos given below which was taken 2 days back

Looking forward to your posting
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Re: Skin rashes on my Doberman female dog

Postby shabirvet » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:14 pm

Dear Friend,
From the pictures it seems to be a fungal problem only for which your vet has already given you the treatment and you say that it also responded to it. But I would suggest to get a skin scrapping test done so that we can rule out the other problems also like scabies or any other type of infection. It is a very simple test and your vet should be very well able to do it. Meanwhile better not give any more dose of anti fungal treatment as they are prone to cause the damage to the kidneys. You can start with a very simple treatment of making a weak solution of povidine Iodine with water and rub the affected areas vigorously with it twice daily for a week. It should considerably bring the infection down. Also we get antifungal, antibacterial creams with little of steroid in it in the market. Do apply them on the affected areas.
Hope the suggestion is of help.
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Re: Skin rashes on my Doberman female dog

Postby paisntsh » Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:22 am

Dear Shabir,
Thank you for your advise..
Skin scrapping test was already done and had indicated fungal problem of the skin...
I had already started shampoo washing for 2 days a week with Ketaconozole shampoo...
Today i have also given a povidine iodine solution wash as suggested by you
Now the problem has come down and hair has started growing back...

How long shall I continue with this treatment..

Looking forward to your reply
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