How to become a Vet ?!

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How to become a Vet ?!

Postby Ananya » Mon May 02, 2011 6:17 pm


This may sound crazy and stupid to an extend but I really have to ask until I give up. I am a Bcom graduate and working as a It professional but the study & my profession is just a good reason to work, or you may call it a need to make my parent happy :roll: . I have always wanted to be a vet and be with animals, I love pets/ animals and would really love to be able to help them when in need. I see people struggle to understand their pets and help an animal in need, I want to be a standing point of contact for such people . Oki in short I want to know if I can still be a Vet or someone close to being a Vet ? How can I be? Now you know I am a Bcom and working full time 23 years old professional, living in Bangalore…. waiting to fulfill her passion for animals & community.
Tell me if I can do a course or how to get into a collage etc. :?:

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Re: How to become a Vet ?!

Postby fruitfull » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:16 am

Don't know whether this post is still active or not. However I am replaying. Online education is the choice for you, but don't know how they teach you the practical part. We vets usually do internship after completion of graduation. From where we learn the knowledge of real life and this is really very helpful. I will suggest you to take any diploma on campus rather than online since your primary degree is not related to veterinary science. And also keep in mind if there is any registration process for practicing.
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