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Posted by Anjum Andrabi on September 29th, 2008

BUY Ibuprofen ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, See how a horse is castrated (testicles removed) in these pictures. Order Ibuprofen from mexican pharmacy, The persons who perform this savage operation are usually locals with no medical training. Their chief tools are razor blades and an iron sickle, köpa Ibuprofen online, Osta Ibuprofen online, Jotta Ibuprofen verkossa. Order Ibuprofen online overnight delivery no prescription, The legs of the horse are tied to wooden poles which are held above its trunk. Another person holds the horses head pinned to the ground, Ibuprofen 75mg. The skin of the scrotum is cut open using the razor and then the sickle, which is heated red, is used to simply burn through the testicular attachments and cord, BUY Ibuprofen ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Order Ibuprofen online c.o.d, Needless to mention that no anesthetic is used at any stage during the process. This practice is prevalent especially among the tribal communities living in the highlands of the Kashmir valley, comprar en línea Ibuprofen, comprar Ibuprofen baratos. Farmacia Ibuprofen baratos, Ibuprofen online kaufen, Questions that may come to ones mind:

1. Why is it done?: No, 400mg, 450mg, Buy Ibuprofen online cod, this is not done for any sadist pleasure, there is some scientific evidence that castration of animals causes them to turn docile and easy to handle, Ibuprofen snort, alcohol iteraction. BUY Ibuprofen ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, 2. Ibuprofen 125mg, Why use an untrained person. Is it cheaper?: Not at all, Fort Worth, Texas. Denver, Colorado, Where can i buy Ibuprofen online, in fact the practitioners demand good money, a single operation may fetch them a 1000 rupees ($25) and above, købe Ibuprofen online, αγοράζουν online Ibuprofen. Australia, uk, us, usa, While if this is done at a state sponsored veterinary center, it would be free for the owner, where can i buy cheapest Ibuprofen online. Ibuprofen pharmacy, 3. Why do horse owners prefer these quacks to the qualified veterinarians?: For a simple reason, no Vet would perform this surgery without proper equipment and drugs, both of which are missing from the rural centers, BUY Ibuprofen ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. Some vets carry their own surgical sets but charge much more than our "cruel doctor", Ibuprofen 500mg, Ibuprofen 150mg, so his popularity remains.

4, Detroit, Michigan, San Jose, California. Purchase Ibuprofen online, How bad is it for the horses?: Apart from the evidently excruciating pain, the horses get infections, Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, Buy Ibuprofen from mexico, abscesses and some even die of peritonitis and shock since no post operative antibiotic is used. Also horses are especially sensitive to tetanus and as one can see from these snaps, buy no prescription Ibuprofen online, Ibuprofen 100mg, asepsis is the least concern. Moreover, buy cheap Ibuprofen, Ibuprofen 50mg, when a bleeding cord retracts into the abdomen it can lead to many complications later on like adhesions and strangulation.

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

[caption id="attachment_457" align="alignnone" width="554" caption="This is the heated sickle"]horse castration cruelty animal spca[/caption]

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

[caption id="attachment_460" align="alignnone" width="554" caption="Can you see the steam and smoke coming from the hot sickle"]horse castration cruelty animal spca[/caption]

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

horse castration cruelty animal spca

[caption id="attachment_465" align="alignnone" width="554" caption="Applying alum for hemostasis"]horse castration cruelty animal spca[/caption]

horse castration cruelty animal spca, köpa Ibuprofen online, Osta Ibuprofen online, Jotta Ibuprofen verkossa. Buy Ibuprofen without prescription. Jacksonville, Florida, Columbus, Ohio. Japan, craiglist, ebay, hcl. Ibuprofen withdrawal. Ibuprofen samples. Ibuprofen for sale. Canada, mexico, india.

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11 Responses to “BUY Ibuprofen ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Ashish Sachan Says:

    No doubt cruel! Any thoughts as to why they have to practice this. Do they have sufficient veterinary coverage. Are veterinary services at their disposal. I hope this is not happening even when they have a veterinary coverage. What they need most is some professional help..more then anything else-in this regard.

  2. Amin Bigham Sadegh Says:

    Dear Dr. Andrabi,
    I think you should train horse owners that they must reffer the horses to a Vet clinic or to a facilities centers to castration. In Iran these procedures were performed free of charge in educational centers such as Vet schools or hospitals. Any way I feel very turmoil and panic when I saw these barbaric method!

    Sincerely yours,

    Dr. Amin Bigham Sadegh DVM, PhD in veterinary surgery
    Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology,
    School of Veterinary Medicine,
    Shahrekord University, P. O Box: 115, Shahrekord, Iran

  3. Shabir Says:

    It is pathetic.No concept of pain management.I wonder how the person who is doing the procedure will feel if the same thing is done to him in the same operating conditions.Yes! we do have to go a long way if we want such practices to be a history.

  4. João Says:

    This looks worse than it is in reality. The scrotum is being held tight by some kind of mechanism that disables the blood circulation and therefore makes it almost painless. I know most of you will think I’m crazy for saying this, but I know what I’m saying. Of course in these images the methods are way too primitive which makes it it hard for anyone to look at it.

    I therefore want to make it clear that I don’t endorse the practice of this primitive method of castration. It should be done by Vets with the most advanced surgical tools available.

    But again I say this pics make it look a lot worse than it really is. The clinical method for castration is quite similar and doesn’t involve any anesthetics as it is said in the text.
    And we have to understand that this was done in a third world country…

    Sorry about my poor English.

  5. Dr rajnish` Says:

    Please mail this video to Ms Menka Gandhi or Animal Welfare Board please.This is sheer cruelity at its best.

  6. Anjum Andrabi Says:

    Dear Joao, thank you for the comment..
    However there are a few things you written which are not entirely correct…
    1. There is a sort of crude tourniquet around the scrotal base to compress it but it does not mean that pain is eradicated. Try tying a tape tightly around one of your fingers and then prick with a pin. The blood and nerve supply to the testes cannot be cut off by a simple strangulation of the scrotum.
    2. Another thing in your comment that is not a fact is that the standard clinical or surgical method for castration is quite similar to what is done in the pictures. Apart from the fact that both involve giving incisions, there is no similarity.
    3. You claim that no anesthetic is used in the veterinary-medical procedure of castration in horses is incorrect too. You may be confusing this with with the Burdizzo method of castration which is non-invasive and done in bulls only.

  7. Compounding Pharmacy Says:

    “This is the greatest post I have come across so far.I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog .I love your blog by the way, I am gonna have to add you to my list of watched blogs .Thank you for this very useful information. stored it.Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

  8. Josef Boberg Says:

    Usch… :cry: / Josef

  9. Sukunka Says:

    I have seen a variation of this method used in Northern Canada. Ropes were used to drop the colt in a normal inclination with the legs beneath him. A sharp knife was used and the procedure was completed in minutes. I never heard of complications, unlike veterinary castrations that often have complications; the men would castrate between 50 and a hundred colts in a day. Although the methods portrayed here are crude and cruel in the extreme, we should remember that modern veterinarians have only been trained outside of the army for less than a hundred years, and a similar technique was employed by vets before WWII. A technique and its variants that has been in use for maybe 10,000 years.
    If we carry this to extremes, vets will be required to castrate bulls; an idea that would be a money maker for vets, but financially ruinous for the rancher, who also uses a sharp knife.

  10. Anonymous Says:


    We own horses and do ‘desex’ them rarely, it is always done by a vet, only once has it occurred with us.

    It needs to be done, here in Australia we always have a vet to do it and he does use a drug; the horse was in fairyland and was oblivious. It is the same as having an operation, you feel pain after ward; i had my appendix removed and it hurt after. The pain subsides and the is horse much calmer. Stallions, (in the wrong hands) can be extremely dangerous

  11. Steve Brown. Says:

    Hey i had seen something like this in India as well when i was teaching as a part of teach English Abroad and when i reported to the cops they said that they were helping the horse and refused to take any action. :-(

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