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Posted by Anjum Andrabi on June 19th, 2008

BUY Skelaxin ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, Pictures of a postpartum uterine prolapse and its successful retention.

uterine prolapse complete postpartum bovine cow

uterine prolapse complete cow postpartum

uterine prolapse cow

Surgeon and images: Dr Azher Bashir Banday

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4 Responses to “BUY Skelaxin ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Muhammad Aadil Says:

    nice picture. we want experties in prolapse management. and i hope you will guide us thanks

  2. Chick In Ohio Says:

    OMG is that cow dead now?

  3. amazed Says:

    amazing picture! however, I was struck by the fact that there were -no- gloves! :O

  4. Liam Cunningham Says:

    This is a stunning picture. It really captures the essence of uterine prolapse (spreading the vessel).
    Can anybody tell me the cause of spreading the vessel (uterine prolapse) in beef cows?

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