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It was as a student, quite a few years ago, when I started working on a dream of mine, which I later found to be a common one in many of my friends and colleagues.  We were all studying to be vets at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Shuhama, Srinagar (SKUAST-K). It was then that the currently known Society for Advancement of Veterinary Education was conceived. We had then christened it Students for Advancement of Veterinary Education. The result sought then as now was to sensitize the veterinary fraternity and the prospective students (and the society) towards the changing needs of the profession and to act as conduits and catalysts for future trends and perspectives. Much water has passed under the bridge since.

Having spent almost all of our money in launching the first veterinary magazine of the state (producing a single print issue only) and then sufficing with a wall magazine (even that I hear has been taken over by faculty now), trying to revitalize student teacher associations, and then going on through a brief stint with International Veterinary Students Association (IVSA) where we learnt its not the message you have but the dollars you can afford that will determine your fate..........(I could write about scores of other things, but), anyways we have come a long way. A long and arduous way for anyone to quit, normally. However old habits die hard. And here we are, leaving the baggage of past behind, with a website now. This website, considering its wide availability (not to mention affordability) will try and help with some of our goals.

In the website we have endeavored to provide the veterinarian and students of veterinary sciences in this corner of the world access to better information and resources by harnessing the powers of the internet and Informtion Technology. This combined with the digital ease and increased availability of personal and public computers will go a long way in satisfying the needs for quality learning resources and up-to-date information that Veterinary professionals and students feel.

We also dare to provide a platform for meaningful expression, to highlight the problems faced by the Vets (practicing or budding) and to stimulate changes from quarters that matter. This website will try to portray the various facets of the Veterinary profession in India and Jammu & Kashmir and to familiarize the visitors with the challenges faced by the profession, and also to find ways and means for its growth and sustenance in the future. We also have tried to put up something for our other interested visitors (pet owners and livestock farmers). This is our small (literally) way of serving the noblest of professions and its practitioners.


Dr Anjum Andrabi




 p. s.

The organization of students from whom all this began deserve a special place on this website, since it is from fertile minds of students that future crops for the Veterinary profession will be reaped. I am however informed that no student body is currently functioning at the Faculty of Veterinary Sciences. (Hoping it revives and continues the work badly needed)



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