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E is for learning, at least it is now. As computers take on an increasingly important role in today's world how can their utility as tools for imparting high quality education be ignored. We at Kashvet have brought for you resources from all over the world under our 'e-learning' programme. The 'e-learning' files below can even be accessed from the comfort of home using your home broadband connection.

We hope we are able to add to your learning experience.

if the use of these material benefits you we would like something from you in return, we would want a promise from you that you would at any stage of your career work in any way, however small, for the betterment of your profession.

Please keep visiting this page as we are continually updating its contents......



Common Diseases of Farm Animals (text only) (1.4 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Anesthesia

  Colour Atlas of Histology
Lameness of the Horse (4.36 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Bacteriology

NAVLE Tutorial - Immunology

Manual of Clinical Pathology
Bovine Reproduction Manual (4.09Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Canine Vaccination Protocol

NAVLE Tutorial -  Oncology Veterinary Parasitology
The Mind and Manners of Wild Animals (963 Kb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Dermatology

NAVLE Tutorial - Opthalmology

The Popular Veterinary Manual


The Variations of Animals and Plants Under Domestication-Vol 1  (1.76 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Equine Medicine

NAVLE Tutorial - Parasitology Bovine Post-mortem Techniques (with movies)
The Variations of Animals and Plants Under Domestication-Vol 2 (2.43 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Exotic Animal Diseases

NAVLE Tutorial - Pathology

Laboratory Animal Medicine, Surgery and Management

 (with text, pictures and movie learning aids)

Nutrient Requirements of Horses: Sixth Revised Edition

NAVLE Tutorial - Feline Infectious Diseases

NAVLE Tutorial -Pharmacology

Descriptive Neurosciences Colour Atlas
Animal Health at the Crossroads: Preventing, Detecting, and Diagnosing Animal Diseases

NAVLE Tutorial - Food Animal Medicine

NAVLE Tutorial - Poultry Diseases

Small Animal Orthopaedics
Medicine Administration Methods in Animals (2.97 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Foreign Animal Diseases

NAVLE Tutorial - Public Health

An Introduction to Veterinary Dentistry

(Special thanks to IVSA and Dr. Suhail Baba)

Terminology in Dairy Production (752 Kb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Haematology

NAVLE Tutorial - Radiology

Case Studies in Clinical Pharmacology
Female Bovine Reproductive System (1.25 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Reproduction: Cat, Dog and Equine

NAVLE Tutorial - Reproduction: Bovine


Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Bacteriology

Carcass Grading (367 Kb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Small Animal Cardiology

NAVLE Tutorial - Small Animal Endocrinology

Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Pharmacology
Grooming of Cattle (908Kb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Small Animal Surgery

NAVLE Tutorial - Small Animal Neurology

Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Immunology
Immune System Basics (4.99 Mb)

NAVLE Tutorial - Swine Diseases

NAVLE Tutorial - Toxocology

Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Toxocology
Major Breeds of Horse (1.10 Mb)

Cesarean Section - Cow

Sheep Brain - Cranial Nerves

Prep. Lecture - Veterinary Parasitology Overview
Splicing to Make a Livestock Halter-Rope Work (6.32 Mb)

Mastitis Test and Milking

Juglar Puncture in Cattle

Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Haematology
Artificial Insemination in Livestock  (2.59 Mb)

Intramuscular Injection in Cattle

Subcutaneous Injection in Cattle

Prep. Lecture- Equine Medicine
Introduction to Ruminant Digestion (1.96 Mb)

Canine Ovariohysterectomy

Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Anesthesia
Coloration in Horses  (5.2 Mb)

Prep. Lecture- Small Animal Endocrinology
Breeds of Sheep (1.5 Mb)

Prep. Lecture- Small Animal Surgery
Avian Digestive System (2.4 Mb)

Prep. Lecture- Feline Infectious Diseases
Animal Health Evaluation (2.4 Mb)

Prep. Lecture- Bovine Reproduction
Basic Animal Nutrition (2.3 MB)

Prep. Lecture- Food Animal Medicine
Animal Nutrition and Feeding (340 Kb)

Prep. Lecture- Canine Vaccinations
Animal Care and Management at the National Zoo: Final Report

Video- Canine exploratory laprotomy
Critical Needs for Research in Veterinary Science

Prep. Lecture- Beef Cattle Diseases
Effect of Environment on Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals

Prep. Lecture- Reproduction in dog, cat and horse
Mineral Tolerance of Domestic Animals



Video- Avian Anatomy
Exploring Horizons for Domestic Animal Genomics: Workshop Summary


    Prep. Lecture- Small animal cardiology
Nutrient Requirements of Laboratory Animals, Fourth Revised Edition, 1995     Prep. Lecture- Small Animal Neurology
Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals     Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Oncology
Infectious Diseases of Mice and Rats     Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Radiology
Laboratory Animal Management: Dogs     Prep. Lecture- Dermatology Review
Amphibians: Guidelines for the Breeding, Care and Management of Laboratory Animals    
Prep. Lecture- Veterinary Opthalmology
      Prep. Lecture- Poultry Diseases
      Cesarean Section - Cow
      Sheep Brain - Cranial Nerves

To download the e-books/PowerPoint tutorials just click on their names, click on the video titles to view them, the CD's are too voluminous to be hosted online and are available  for free to vet students, please send your requests on our e-mail address: [email protected] giving your details.

You can also win these CD's by posting in the India Vet Forums, for more details click here.....


If you are not a student you would only have to pay the  postage & handling charges the material is still free, yet if you feel you cannot pay even that, we would happily cover it too, just e-mail us at the above address with your contact details and the reason you believe you deserve them free.....


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