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“Cyclops”, two views of this fetal monster delivered by section

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on June 10th, 2007

Cyclopia is a teratology (meaning birth defect) wherein the development of the face of the animal is so affected that it has only one eye towards the center of its head.  The term cyclops has its origin from the Greek and later Roman mythology, where it refers to primordial race of giants having a single eye in the centre of their foreheads.

This calf was delivered at a veterinary hospital in Kashmir by a cesarean section. The animal was still born (meaning dead  at birth). Its quite rare to see such a distinct cyclopia in calves.

The causes of such fetal monstrosity is not well understood but many substances have been incriminated in its occurance. Predominantly certain alkaloids including cyclopamine, jervine, and cyclopasine are known to cause cyclopia among other birth defects when consumed during early pregnancy. These alkaloids are found in some plants that the animals encounter during grazing especially of the Veratrum spp. These plants and many other alkaloids also cause abortions at various stages of pregnancy. Ewes have been know to be especially susceptable to Cyclopia from grazing on the Veratum plants.

calf frontal view cyclop monster teratology

Frontal view of cyclop monster calf teratology

calf lateral view cyclop monster teratology

Lateral view of cyclop monster calf teratology

219 Responses to ““Cyclops”, two views of this fetal monster delivered by section”

  1. Sebastian Says:

    Awwww….why!!! This poor animal :'(

  2. chesse Says:

    This poor animal…..it looks so pitiful

  3. L.C. Says:

    shew. that is disgusting. idk whats worse, the fact it only has 1 eye, or that its hooves are green.

  4. Lauren Says:

    Did anyone actually read the article that goes along with the pictures? Because a lot of your questions could be answered there…

  5. dicky mc dickert Says:

    no one even reads the text?

  6. Boffin Says:

    I was just googling “monsters” and this image came up. Anyone notice the stitches around the Eye?? Looks to me as though someone is having a joke and has inserted an eye from something else. Very funny, think it’s grossed a lot of people out.

  7. rachel Says:

    I agree with lauren doesnt seem like many people can be bothered to read the description at the top. if you did all of your questions would be answered

  8. niveditha Says:

    cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it so nasty

  9. Luh Says:

    Lol commentors, what is reading comprehension? I know it’s been said above already but daaaamn.

    Otherwise – nice teratology ;D

  10. sue Says:

    stop making fun…

    rather wish something like that would live…

    it will be an amazing fact and that poor animal would make history…

    …hope it would multiply too…

    …docs: could anything in that condition possibly live? (hope so)

  11. BRB Says:

    Are most of you retards or something? I mean just by looking at it for a second you can tell its not fake… and seriously read the damn article…

    Unicorn joke – nice!
    gods work at its best – yup! gotta love him!

  12. ole Says:

    OMG. O.o

  13. Dhwani Says:

    awwwww!! Poor creature! it also had the rite 2 live. I can’t luk at daat picha! :'(

  14. amu yaya Says:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwww so damn disgusting those people are crazy what a freak

  15. dupajlzlik Says:

    O my got :O

  16. ve?ík Says:

    och my got

  17. Oliver moomoo Says:

    Its not a hybrid its a cow with lebornerz disease

  18. tanner carnell Says:

    awsome it lookes so so so sexy

  19. Dewitt Baccari Says:

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