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Fasiola hepatica: Liver fluke

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on May 16th, 2009

This common liver fluke of sheep may also infect cattle, goats, rabbits, hares, horses, dogs, pigs, elephants and even man. Its almost leaf shaped and on average is 1-2 inches long, though elongated forms are not uncommon. Pathologically F. hepatica is important mainly in Cattle and Sheep. The usual site of infestation is the liver (bile ducts) but sometimes may also be found in other organs. Infestation is usually manifested as anaemia and hepatitis.
Limnaea snails act as intermediate hosts and the livestock ingest the cercariae encrusted on grass or swallowed with drinking water.

liver fluke , Fasciola hepatica

liver fluke , Fasciola hepatica

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