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What’s OASIS all about?

I am a veterinarian and I love animals. I come across animals everyday, sick or happy, rude or loving I attend to them and try to make their lives better.

In 2004 I started a website (http://www.kashvet.org) to advance veterinary education in my home state of Jammu and Kashmir. I tried to collect and host resources for everybody related with the profession. There were separate sections for Veterinarians, Vet students, Livestock farmers, Pet owners and even a humor section to interest an accidental visitors not belonging to any of the former categories.

Sometime later I realized that my ‘multi-dimensional’  website did not have any section devoted to the creatures with whom it all begins… THE ANIMALS.

What kind of a section could I put up for the animals, who would write in it and what could be written about the dumb creations of God?

‘Silent sufferers’ they are called and to their silence I dedicate this collection of pictures. Pictures that I hope will speak, the proverbial, thousand words…

Anjum Andrabi

p.s. all are invited to post their pictures. Just register and log in to upload your images. Please respect the theme and purpose of this blog. Try and match the width of the images to the standard in the blog (554 px), the height is up to you. Thanks

Sorry, owing to a lot of spam registrations I have suspended user registrations. If you wish to register please send a mail to [email protected]

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Annah Johansson Says:


    I am one of those who fight for the animals right. I just came across you´re website while searching for pictures of animals.

    I´m happy to see that there´s people who is taking care of the animals in other countries where animals don´t have any rights.

    You are my living hero. You save the world.

    Thank you for speaking for those who can´t!

    Yours sincerly,

    Annah Johansson- Sweden

  2. Anjum Andrabi Says:

    Thanks Annah. Glad to know that you fight for animal rights. Pleading for those who cannot plead, nor can apparently give anything in return is undoubtedly one of the noblest things to do. Keep up the good work.

  3. Mansoor Nabi Says:

    Save the Wildlife Property of nation
    Save Hangul

  4. Mansoor Nabi Says:

    Hangul Conservation programme & Need Conservation of hangul

  5. Er.Khalid Nazir Says:

    Great to Know that people care for wildlife at present times when time is very busy for them.
    Mr.Anjum u are really doing a great job,i like to join u too.

  6. Olivia Thompson Says:

    I am so glad that you are speaking for those that cannot. Animals are being so badly treated in this day and age, through animal testing and general cruelty.

    I am so thankful that there are still a few people in this world who care about the welfare of animals.

  7. Allyn Daguio Says:

    Great site here, such a wealth of knowledge.

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