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Ocular Dermoid Cyst in a neonate Calf

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on 14th January 2009

A day-old calf was presented at the veterinary clinic with bilateral corneo-scleral dermoid cysts which were completely occluding the lid opening and rendering the calf  blind. The cysts extended from the cornea , partially covering it; and travelling medially fusing with the third eye lid.

A surgical procedure was attempted on the calf with the aim to one, remove as much of the mass of the cyst as possible so as to remove the obstruction to light and second. to peel off the dermal layers containing the follicles as close as possible to the cornea/sclera so as to prevent regrowth of hair follicles. Sutures were placed to promote fusing of the raw tissues with the lower eyelid.


The first four pictures show the extent of the cyst and occlusion due to it

dermoid cyst corneo scleral calf





Sutures were placed through the tissue buldge and later the tissue excised.




The upper layers of the skin are sliced through to promote fibrosis and prevent hair growth.





Finally an almost proper opening between eyelids



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Abdominal hernia in calf

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on 24th June 2008

hernia calf abdominal

hernia calf abdominal

hernia abdominal calf

hernia calf abdomen suture

 Surgeon and images: Dr Azher Bashir Banday

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Another monster, this time a male calf delivered from a dystotic cow by CS. There is hydrocephalus and the upper jaw is missing.

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on 10th June 2007

dead calf with hydrocephalus absence of upper jaw dystokia


monster calf close up


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