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Fasiola hepatica: Liver fluke

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on May 16th, 2009

This common liver fluke of sheep may also infect cattle, goats, rabbits, hares, horses, dogs, pigs, elephants and even man. Its almost leaf shaped and on average is 1-2 inches long, though elongated forms are not uncommon. Pathologically F. hepatica is important mainly in Cattle and Sheep. The usual site of infestation is the liver (bile ducts) but sometimes may also be found in other organs. Infestation is usually manifested as anaemia and hepatitis.
Limnaea snails act as intermediate hosts and the livestock ingest the cercariae encrusted on grass or swallowed with drinking water.

liver fluke , Fasciola hepatica

liver fluke , Fasciola hepatica

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A Liquid Nitrogen Production Unit – Preserving life for life

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on April 30th, 2009

Liquid Nitrogen LN2 offers a effective mechanism of preserving semen at an extremely low temperature (-196 degrees centigrade). It is believed that freezing semen to this temperature would allow its preservation for decades if not centuries. The semen obtained is diluted wth various semen diluters (mainly egg yolk-buffer-glycerol based) and packed in small tubes (0.25 to 0.5 ml). These are then cooled and frozen in stages till they are finally dipped in liquid nitrogen and kept there in canisters. At the time of use they are simply thawed by placing in water bath at 37 degree celcius for 30 seconds.

LN2 plant liquid nitrogen plant and canister ba 32

LN2 plant liquid nitrogen plant and canister ba 32

LN2 plant liquid nitrogen plant and canister ba 32

LN2 plant liquid nitrogen plant and canister ba 32

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Heading for the alpine pastures

Posted by Anjum Andrabi on April 4th, 2009

These sheep and goat herds travel through the heart of the city to reach their summer abodes.

Here they can be seen taking a break in the urban jungle..

Sheep and Goat flocks

Sheep goat migratory flock

sheep goat migratory flock kashmir alpine pastures

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